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Hamilton’s Cove / Webber’s Bite Hike
Moderate – challenging in places

Looking across from the Gillespie House is a beautiful open garden, Hamilton’s Cove, now empty of homes although at its peak, it was a thriving community. Visit the old graveyard, and then ascend the old road to Webber’s Bite, once also home to many families.  On the way, you’ll pass a second graveyard that Mother Nature has consumed. Comb the beach in Webber’s Bite for the many drift wood and sea glass treasures. Enjoy a picnic in the old fields before returning along the trails.

Fairy Hill Trail Hike    Moderate – several steps

Follow the fairies to Fortune Harbour – fairies were significant in many areas of the island, and the older generation of the Harbour believed in the fairies and the oddities that happened to those who ventured into the woods and encountered these mysterious ‘little people’.  Learn much of the local history while sharing the many fairy stories as you travel along the Fairy Hill Trail, tracing the shoreline of the south west arm of the harbour, along the old roads and through deserted family gardens.  A moderately challenging set of steps will take you to the top of Fairy Hill where you’ll enjoy the scenic view of the many harbour islands. Time to rest; observe nature and enjoy this fantastic vantage point.

Kinchler’s Rock Hike   Moderate – small hills

A well- known story in Newfoundland folklore about a local named Kinchler who one night, on his return home to the Harbour met the devil and sitting upon a flat rock challenged him in a card game.  When Kinchler won, the devil slammed his fist into the rock, leaving his hand print. Follow the old road that leaves from the end of the harbor and opens into Hamilton’s Cove. From there, the trail ascends up the hill towards Webber’s Bite where, with some careful searching, the famous rock can be found. This link takes you to the story… more here.


Here are 3 suggested hikes that experienced hikers may enjoy. Just ask and we would be happy to give you specific directions and/or suggest local guides.

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